Joint International Symposium on
Deformation Monitoring

(2-4 November 2011, Hong Kong, China)

Themes of Symposium

The technical programme will consist of plenary sessions followed by special and poster sessions. Keynote speakers will present their general views on selected topics of geodetic, geotechnical and structural monitoring, modern sensor developments and related fields. Presentations in special and poster sessions will cover specific areas of developments, concepts and ideas.

The symposium welcomes contributions on any topics related to deformation monitoring, including modelling, measurements, analysis and interpretation of deformations. As examples, the following areas of interest are listed:

  • Monitoring Concepts for Static and Dynamic Deformations of Engineering and Geotechnical Structures

  • Geometrical, Deterministic and Non-Parametric Modelling of the Behaviour of Structures

  • Interdisciplinary Approaches for the Design and Analysis of Deformation Measurements

  • Innovative Concepts for Sensors and Methods

  • Multi-Sensor Systems and Sensor-Networks

  • Automation of Monitoring Measurements and Interpretation

  • Warning and Alert Systems

  • Applications in Geotechnical and Structural Engineering

  • Applications in Geosciences on Local and Regional Scales












Last updated: 22 March 2011